By Barbara Oberc (University of Newcastle)

My main priority last week was an assignment for another module. Those 3,000 words had me up all Sunday night, to the point where, after I handed my essay in and attended a tutorial, I passed out on my bed fully clothed at 8pm.

Thirteen hours later, I woke up spooning my laptop open to the (half-finished) blog post you may have read last week.

We’ve all been there, right?

Either way, the rest of the week saw some productive group meetings*. A few of my teammates visited our client’s office and came up with some great ideas on how to kick-start our market research. Within days we will be joining in some form of activity, event, or service offered by the organisation. We will shadow the activities and briefly interview the participants in order to gain some insight. We will essentially try to uncover why there are less males than females among the existing service users for our clients and whether the users, especially the men, have any suggestions on how to address this situation.

While this part of our research will cover information gathered from existing users, we will also be addressing 3 other groups: the existing volunteers and employees, the potential service users and the potential volunteers. We will specifically target males within the four groups, but any opinions offered by females will naturally also be very welcome.

We plan to have gathered all our research by the end of the first semester. So far, we have put up a survey for potential volunteers, as well as scheduled to drop in on three activities (targeting existing service users) next week.

Meanwhile, we will each be working on our first, assessed piece of work for the project: an individual project plan worth 10% of our overall grade due by the end of the month.

Do I vow to finish it ahead of time and not pull another all-nighter?

Not really, no, because let’s face it: It’s part of being a student, right?

*Productive group meetings? Do those exist? If you’re also frustrated with group work this semester - check out our next few blogs. Our theme this week is…Teamwork!

Barbara Oberc is a Campus Ambassador at the University of Newcastle in the UK! Each week she’s updating us on her progress through her epic final year management consultancy project!

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