By Rizalul Durrun Pasundani (University of Indonesia)

Love is Love. I couldn’t explain it; we know it’s love when we feel it. Like a quote in the movie “A Walk to Remember”, love is like a wind, we can feel it but we can’t touch it.

Love is not only about your girlfriend or boyfriend, but it is also about everything that could be loved; like nature, neighborhood, animal, parents, teacher, and everything else. I believe that if life is filled with love, it could become a wonderful life that we would never regret, and one that we don’t want to waste a second of. Love makes us forgive, love makes us happy, and love makes us grateful. And the opposite of love is of course hatred. Nothing is going well when hatred becomes the fundamental of people’s life.

As a student, I believe love is correlated positively with good GPA. For example, I believe math is not a favorite subject among students, and math scores tend to be bad. Do you know why something like that happens in the first place? I believe it is because of hatred. Making a good score in math is actually simple, just love the classroom, love your school, love your teachers, love the weather around our classroom, and when we are used to falling in love with everything, we will automatically love math. And if something like that happened, our love in math could turn into an extraordinary score. It’s as simple as do-re-mi, isn’t it.