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By Marta Svetek (University of Warwick)

We’ve all been there. It might have been at university, high school, elementary school or anything in between.

Hardly anyone has tread down the scholarly path without finding themselves in a group assignment or project at some point.

These are the times when a teammate displays such an uncanny ability to evoke the fieriest pits of rage that you never even knew you had.

Being of a more temperamental nature myself, I have had many such moments where I’ve snapped, yelled, or stormed out of the room to cool off for a few minutes, but while sometimes this just has to happen, it’s always best not to let it go that far.

1.  From my experience the most important thing is to know what your “buttons” are and have a few strategies handy to keep cool and calm when someone starts pressing them. If people blow up every time there’s a disagreement, your team will become increasingly uncomfortable.

This can be very “trial and error”, but be persistent and analyse in retrospect. It might just be a classmate doing it now, but in a few years it could be your boss!

Note: Keeping calm does not mean ignoring. 
  • To work together you need to communicate, and ignoring your teammate is one of the worst things you can do
  • They might have horrendous communication skills, but nevertheless calmly consider what they have to say, see if there’s room for compromise and accept their criticism. 

I stress this last point because too many times I have seen people take the calm road as a means of condescension, and that only provokes more fights.

2. Another skill to cultivate is recognizing the warning signs of a fight and knowing when to call for a short break.

  • Are the arguments becoming more personal?
  • Are there snide comments being made?
  • Is the volume up? Etc.

Disagreements are part of teamwork, but learning how to turn them to the team’s advantage is a strategy for success in its own right. So keep calm, keep those goals in mind and listen to better understand views from both sides.  Good luck!


What do you imagine when you think of the word “design”?

Furniture, architecture, or computer graphics?

How about climate change, invention, or medicine? These are the many facets that Guiness World Record holders, Nobel Peace Prize winners, and contemporary artists talked about this past weekend at the annual Design Our Tomorrow (DOT) Conference 2011.

DOT Conference Nov 12, 2011. Photo Credit: Trevor Haldenby

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Blog by Oladeinde Adewale, Campus Ambassador (Middle East Technological University)

If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.

- John Quincy Adams

I believe that the current global trend of student events that is spanning across the world (be it in economic, social, environmental and political dimensions) is calling for more young people to become future leaders.

The world is in need of leaders that will think and act differently; young and potential leaders that will take the bull by the horn and act swiftly to the rising modern era of different challenges facing the world. As can be observed, the world has rapidly emerged to be a more dynamic system that requires continual need for more credible leaders in different capacities and human endeavors.

No doubt, the world needs young people like you and me now that breathe with compassion and love for humanity, people who still believe in the dignity and respect for human life and that of the mother earth, people of great responsibility and sacrificial attitudes that will always live past their personal concerns and needs to that of others, and people with balanced and developed perspectives of life, emotionally stable with great level of integrity, honor and self respect.

I foresee and crave for the youth of this modern, yet trying time in human history, to shun vices and other dıscredıtıng behaviors, and focus on bringing out the best in themselves especially the leadership tendencies and potentials, and to sincerely aspire to become an agent of change and positive contributors to humanity.

I strongly believe that the time has come for young people of this generation across the globe to pull and invest their youthful zeal and energy in the right channel: LEADERSHIP ASPIRATIONS

Then comes the big question, WHAT ABOUT YOU?


"You can lead a boy to college, but you can’t make him think."


StudentLife: On second thought, maybe I’ll come back to this question later.

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