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Our blog has a new look!

We’ve moved to a new location - and we’d like to invite you to read it! Watch out for daily posts from our Campus Ambassadors, including tips for students, and news from the office. As always, discover the coolest student competitions, conferences, and seminars from around the world at!

Can you guess what this week’s theme is?

Can you guess what this week’s theme is?


What do you imagine when you think of the word “design”?

Furniture, architecture, or computer graphics?

How about climate change, invention, or medicine? These are the many facets that Guiness World Record holders, Nobel Peace Prize winners, and contemporary artists talked about this past weekend at the annual Design Our Tomorrow (DOT) Conference 2011.

DOT Conference Nov 12, 2011. Photo Credit: Trevor Haldenby

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Meet Barbara Oberc, Campus Ambassador at University of Newcastle!

Just a typical Slovenian based in Ljubljana. Born in Toronto and lived in Heidelberg for a little while before moving to Newcastle to begin my studies. Obviously I love to travel but I also love good music (who doesn’t), taking skiing trips in the winter and hiking trips in the summer with friends and family, a good read, a good film, my fat cat, and coffee.

Keep up with Barbara every Monday as she tells us what it’s really like to work as a management consultant while being a student!


What does University mean to you?

Is it freedom because you finally got away from home and can actually decide what to buy from where and even when to go to bed? Or is it scary because of the uncertainty of the new environment?

Regardless of the wide varieties of interpretations, you’re finally here – this long-awaited first year at uni!

Here are 4 “musts” to make the most of your freshman year:

1.   Be organized!

Do not feel like you are snowed under work when you have to read 100 pages per week. Be organized, build your habits quickly and structure your personal timetable. First year is the right time to get involved with different societies, which are not only extremely important for your CV, but are also quite amusing! 

2.   Be involved!

Sign up for workshops – from how to write motivation letters and CVs, to assessment practices and visitor guest lecturers. As boring as they may sound – they will be useful. You will start to gain information and meet different people - a lesson itself not to be missed.

3.   Be competitive!

Go for any competition, no matter how good or bad you are, just jump! There will always be somebody better than you and there is always an excuse not to dive in the unknown waters. Find the inner strength to experiment!

4.   Be active!

Make the effort to do some sports! If not joining clubs, at least going occasionally to the swimming pool would do! The best kind of rest is the active, beneficial-to-your-health rest. Mens sana in corpore sano!

First year at university is a new beginning. Make the most of it!

And remember: “The end depends upon the beginning”

This blog was written by Angelina Buchvarova, a StudentEvents Campus Ambassador at the University of Warwick. Thanks Angelina!


Once upon a time, there were four summer interns, curious as can be. They each had their strengths: one loved to call people, one loved to email, one loved to write and one loved to do all kinds of little jobs. 

It was the beginning of the summer, on one fine morning, when the one who loved to write found herself in a pickle. “I have way, way, WAY too much work!” she said. “Oh fellow intern, you don’t have as much as me. Won’t you help me please?”

But the one who liked to call said “No. I have too much of my own work. I can’t help YOU.”

So the one who loved to write asked another intern, “Oh intern who likes to email, I have way, way, WAY too much work. You don’t have as much as me. Won’t you help me please?”

Just like the caller, the one who liked to email said, “No. I am too busy with my work. I don’t have time to help you.”

Poor, poor intern. Who will help you do all this work? Are the other interns being selfish? They couldn’t possibly have as much to do just.calling or emailing…

…Or could they?

Finally, the writer asked the one who liked to do all kinds of things. And he replied, “yes I will help you. As long as you divide your tasks into manageable to-do’s, there’s nothing you can’t do all by yourself!”

So the writer and the organizer made a plan that allowed the writer to clearly see what she had to do.

"Wow, I guess I’m not that busy after all. I even still have time to help the other interns!" said the writer.

"Yes," said the organized one, "But don’t forget to do your tasks first. Being busy doesn’t always mean being productive."

The writer nodded, “I guess you’re right. It’s like I was under the busy curse and thought that having way, way, WAY too much to do meant that I was being productive. Thanks kind intern.”

"Anytime young one," said the wise organizer. "Break the busy curse and get more done! Off with you now, writer, I have work to do!"

The End

Moral of the story: busy work does not equal productive work.


This post was written by Xarlish Amjad, our Campus Ambassador at Roots College in Pakistan. Learn more about Pakistan’s colorful history, and what students there are doing to enhance their opportunities, and open doors to brighter futures.

"The students of Pakistan thrive in a mixed culture; a culture of brilliance as well as ignorance."

Since its inception in 1947, Pakistan as a nation has unfortunately failed to emerge as a strong and independent political and social unit. Instead, its history has been gored and stained with violence and hostility at both international and national fronts. With such dysfunctional governments at the top, a lot depends on the students of Pakistan. Pakistan’s basic foundation itself was laid down by Muslim students who played a pivotal role in assisting the father of the nation. 

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It’s the last week of September already, and I can’t believe how fast this month went by! StudentEvents has been busy finding and posting all kinds of events now that school has started up again — 70 new events just posted last week! There’s no time like the present to get involved in something new. In celebration of trying new things, becoming a better person, and the seasons changing, we want to know:

What are you most looking forward to this year?

Is it that you’ve finally found a program that suits you? Did you get into all the classes you wanted? Or are you taking some rad electives like postmodern literature or Astrophysics 101? If you’re in first year, how much do you love campus now that you don’t have to ask 10 different seniors how to find the math building? Is cafeteria food all it’s amped up to be (well, maybe not amped up…)?

Reply with a photo or message with what you are MOST psyched about this year!!


In preparation for our epic webinar with the InternQueen THIS Wednesday, Sept. 28th at 1:00pm EST/7:00pm CET, we want to know:

What does “internship” mean to you?

Do you automatically think of coffee & copying slaves to the head honchos? Or to The Devil Wears Prada or Lauren Conrad in The Hills

Let me know what you think! And if you’ve done an internship before, I’d love to hear more about where you worked and what you REALLY did!!


Everything you need to know about internships, entrepreneurship, personal branding, international opportunities, and more! All in a FREE 45-minute webinar with the legendary InternQueen


The Indian education system has seen drastic changes in the past few decades. The expansion of the Indian economy in 1991 through liberalization and globalization has led to a massive increase in the number and variety of jobs offered to professionally educated individuals – most notably engineers. This has ignited a tremendous interest in most of India’s educated youth to receive a college level education in engineering, clearly visible in students right from high school.

One of the most characteristic features of university application and selection procedure in India is

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As a student, I found myself constantly looking for cool events to participate in next to my studies.

I always discovered them too late: 

  • through a friend’s status update about going to NYC for free;
  • a friend announcing he’s going skiing in Austria with a consulting company;
  • or friends having already formed a team before I even discovered the competition.

When I actually tried looking for the best events, though, it was really difficult to sort them out from the rest. Yes, I tried to Google some keywords and try my luck – but the events I found were outdated, or not open for my study field or level. I wasn’t sure whether the events I did find would even be worth the precious time I had outside of homework.

My friends and I started thinking: What if we take all the events out there and list them on one platform where students could easily find and register to them?

This question led us to build, a website that I wish would have existed when I started my Bachelor and throughout my Master. 

I hope you enjoy the website, and use it as a tool to find events, get involved and be part of a community of ambitious young people. Don’t forget to register with us to get personalized emails about the kinds of events you care about. 

If you ever have any suggestions on how can grow and become better, shoot me an email anytime at  

Good luck this year and get involved!

Jonathan Friedman, CEO and founder of 

Jonathan has a BSc International Business Administration, Cum Laude, and a MSc in Finance and Investments, both from Erasmus University in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. He has previously founded an international business and he participated in many student competitions, conferences, and courses during his academic studies.