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"Coming together is a beginning.
Keeping together is progress.
Working together is success."

- Henry Ford
Can you guess what this week’s theme is?

Can you guess what this week’s theme is?


By Barbara Oberc (University of Newcastle)

My main priority last week was an assignment for another module. Those 3,000 words had me up all Sunday night, to the point where, after I handed my essay in and attended a tutorial, I passed out on my bed fully clothed at 8pm.

Thirteen hours later, I woke up spooning my laptop open to the (half-finished) blog post you may have read last week.

We’ve all been there, right?

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Like most introductory lectures delivered at the beginning of a semester to a group of students ranging from the naively eager to those blatantly doubting whether they’re in the right place, the introductory session to the module of Management Consultancy this Monday did not fail in serving its main purpose: to scare the living daylights out of us.

Basically, there is going to be a lot of work. Besides working for a real-life company (“you will have to produce results!”), the assessment of the module will consist of four assignments; a 2500-word project plan, an 8000-word client report, a 20-minute client presentation, and a 7000-word reflective report (to be done individually).

But wait, that’s not all. Some of the work will not be assessed but must be done anyway, and that includes a 10-minute client proposal presentation, a 10-minute client progress presentation, a formative peer review, a summative peer review, and a personal reflective diary. At least this blog will help with the latter.

But the main issue at this point in time is: What project (or company) will I be assigned to?

The lecture gave a basic presentation of the seven possible clients, all of which we will get to know better next Monday at a brief meet-and-greet. So I definitely need to look sharp, have some copies of my CV to hand out and be informed about the clients so as to know what I’m talking about and what to ask. If I make a good impression, they may request for me to be on their team of consultants!

Being expected to complete a total of 222 hours of fieldwork, I’m concerned about where certain clients are based. If I can get there by metro, it’s all good, but a lot of those located farther away require getting there by train or car. And as most students can understand, spending precious time and money is something I will desperately try to avoid.

So I, too, will get to express my preferences to the module leader regarding what company I’d like to work for. However, it was made clear that our choices may not be taken into consideration at all. Because this, as well as not being able to choose your team members, is all part of “simulating a real-life work situation”…


Barbara Oberc


I present myself as a proud participant of the International Student Festival in Trondheim, Norway 2011. In the words of Oscar Levant,

“Happiness is not something you remember, but something you experience”

The surreal delight and the exciting experiences this journey brought me, can never be forgotten.

My odyssey began with a simple ISFIT invitation letter on the college notice board and an application process. Fate, however, had much greater plans for me. The affirmation of the application saw me as one of the 450 students selected for the event from the entire planet. A privilege and honor I bestow to my college.

Friends, ISFIT 2011 was a life changing experience, certainly one of the best times in my life. I have always aspired of making a positive difference in society and I could not have asked for a better motivational experience than my time in ISFIT 2011. I was a complete stranger when I stepped foot in Trondheim with students of diverse cultures, languages and lifestyles all around me. But the intellectual aura encompassing the event actually bonded all of us for one ultimate aim: WORLD PEACE.

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This post was written by Xarlish Amjad, our Campus Ambassador at Roots College in Pakistan. Learn more about Pakistan’s colorful history, and what students there are doing to enhance their opportunities, and open doors to brighter futures.

"The students of Pakistan thrive in a mixed culture; a culture of brilliance as well as ignorance."

Since its inception in 1947, Pakistan as a nation has unfortunately failed to emerge as a strong and independent political and social unit. Instead, its history has been gored and stained with violence and hostility at both international and national fronts. With such dysfunctional governments at the top, a lot depends on the students of Pakistan. Pakistan’s basic foundation itself was laid down by Muslim students who played a pivotal role in assisting the father of the nation. 

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It’s the last week of September already, and I can’t believe how fast this month went by! StudentEvents has been busy finding and posting all kinds of events now that school has started up again — 70 new events just posted last week! There’s no time like the present to get involved in something new. In celebration of trying new things, becoming a better person, and the seasons changing, we want to know:

What are you most looking forward to this year?

Is it that you’ve finally found a program that suits you? Did you get into all the classes you wanted? Or are you taking some rad electives like postmodern literature or Astrophysics 101? If you’re in first year, how much do you love campus now that you don’t have to ask 10 different seniors how to find the math building? Is cafeteria food all it’s amped up to be (well, maybe not amped up…)?

Reply with a photo or message with what you are MOST psyched about this year!!


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The Indian education system has seen drastic changes in the past few decades. The expansion of the Indian economy in 1991 through liberalization and globalization has led to a massive increase in the number and variety of jobs offered to professionally educated individuals – most notably engineers. This has ignited a tremendous interest in most of India’s educated youth to receive a college level education in engineering, clearly visible in students right from high school.

One of the most characteristic features of university application and selection procedure in India is

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